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ARTIST | Kim Frances

Kim Frances’ work is an expression of her reverence for the earth. The various qualities and colors of earth provide the natural pigment and essence of her pieces. Her work is the building up of numerous textures and layers, of addition and subtraction, of harmony and discontent, while staying deeply grounded. There is a depth that can be seen and felt in her painting, a quiet strength. Kim’s background in design, love of simplicity and well-crafted elegance is the undercurrent in her artwork. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the California College of the Arts where she received her BFA in design. She lives and works in San Francisco, California.


Her work is about relationship to place and the energy of gathered soil and foraged pigment. The qualities and the colors of the earth provide the natural palette and essence of her pieces. The work is a collaboration and communication with the soul and spirit of these organic materials; a listening to their voice. She allows the materials to inspire and guide her, lets them lead the way. The paintings are a reflection of daily life, artistic evolution and continuing creative challenge. To engage with them is experiential.

Organic mixtures of soil, ash, clay, charcoal, lime and earth pigment compose the artwork. The grid is a recurring element, an intrinsic structural framework either hidden beneath or visible on the surface. In a dance of containment and liberation the elements transform one another. The work is the building of layers of textures, of additions, subtractions, of harmony and discontent.  It is a process of excavating what lies beneath and working with the surface landscape, while staying deeply grounded.

There is a depth that can be seen and felt in the artwork; an engagement of visual and emotional expression, a quiet strength. The soul of the materials can evoke a sense of calm and ease or express the power of brush and hand engaged with primal earth energy. The paintings speak to cultivating a deeper connection, relationship, and awareness of the ground beneath our feet.

- Kim Frances

PHOTO CREDIT: @shadedeggesphotography

Shown in 60"W x 60"H


The General Public Synograph™, a groundbreaking 3-D technology, redefines the limits of printing, recreating every detail of the original artwork with total fidelity. Capturing the nuances of brushwork and technique, these textured prints are an authentic expression of the artist's hand.


Unframed canvas meticulously wrapped on a solid wood stretcher frame.